A future-proof and sustainable healthcare real estate portfolio in the Netherlands

Curae aims to build a future-proof and sustainable healthcare real estate portfolio for her clients. Our core values are reliability, quality, long-term relationships and we aim to maintain short lines of communication with our partners.


Curae strives to build reliable partnerships. We establish deep connections with our partners and we know what is important to them.


Curae is focused on efficiency. Because we are a relatively small organisation, we are flexible and fast. We keep our processes simple, sleek and well-documented. Furthermore, we stay on top of industry developments, enabling us to adequately anticipate on changes that are of importance to us and our partners.


Curae is founded upon a long history in the development and management of real estate. We have built excellent professional relationships with reliable partners in the real estate industry in the areas of construction, management, maintenance, financing and project development. We focus beyond the present, and we deliver future-proof quality projects.


Curae is always looking for synergies. We invest in modern and sustainable residential care property in a responsible way. Next to that, we manage our client's healthcare real estate portfolios that are characterized by long-term returns and stable revenue streams.

John Peek (CEO)

John Peek has over 12 years of experience in the Dutch real estate industry as a founder, investor and developer. He also manages a diverse set of private equity holdings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Furthermore, he uses the knowledge that he has gained over the years as a strategic advisor/consultant to support the management of a variety of international sales and marketing organizations in Europe.

Marcel van der Graaf (CIO)

Marcel heeft ruim 15 jaar ervaring in de bancaire sector (Rabobank) in diverse analytische en commerciƫle (senior) functies, met name op het gebied van commerciƫle vastgoedfinanciering voor grote (particuliere) beleggers en professionele projectontwikkelaars.

Hij is sinds 2018 als Chief Investment Officer verantwoordelijk voor de risicomatige en cijfermatige beoordeling en verslaglegging van alle investeringstrajecten bij Curae Management B.V.

Daarnaast is Marcel betrokken bij alle managementtaken behorende bij het beheer en management van de zorgvastgoed portfolio.