About Curae

The Dutch healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. Due to the ageing population and the rising life expectancy, the need for healthcare services will increase strongly in the coming decades. Moreover, the changing needs of care receivers as well as amended laws and regulations are also influencing the dynamics of the healthcare sector.

John Peek In light of these developments, John Peek has founded Curae Management. Curae invests in modern, future-proof and sustainable Dutch healthcare real estate. We act as a trusted healthcare property portfolio manager on behalf of various national and international private equity funds.

Our team

Curae Management's team has built a proven track record in investing and developing healthcare property in the Netherlands. We combine our vast experience in the real estate industry with extensive financial and legal knowledge. This mix of expertise enables us to quickly identify opportunities and thoroughly assess risks. Our goal is to build a solid, future-proof healthcare real estate portfolio for our clients.

John Peek (CEO)

John Peek has over 12 years of experience in the Dutch real estate industry as a founder, investor and developer. He also manages a diverse set of private equity holdings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Furthermore, he uses the knowledge that he has gained over the years as a strategic advisor/consultant to support the management of a variety of international sales and marketing organizations in Europe.